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Helping you make profits daily in Forex trading

Using our signals and trading tool

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Basic Forex Lessons

We will Teach you what forex trading, or foreign exchange trading is about.


Fundamental Analysis​

We will guide you on how fundamentals (News events) affect the market and how it is use for trading profitable daily


Technical Analysis

We will show you accurate methods of technical analysis alongside our strategies which will help you make profit daily.


Proper Risk Management

Proper risk management is the key to become a profitable forex trader. I promise to teach you this skill till you master it.


Profitable Forex Strategies

The best strategy is what you need! I have the best strategies to make you see the market differently and leverage.


learn to create a demo and real trading account.

Providing aids in setting up trading account, deposit and linking it to any trading platform of your choice and start trading.



Successful traders are not lucky! They work extremely hard and overcome failures. Your profits will grow daily as your knowledge grows. That is why we are hear for you



Lots of millionaires have been made from forex trading. You need to be focus and determine in order to see the possibilities of making millions from the $6.6 billion volume traded daily on the market.

About Me

I am Fofung Nelvis,

CEO of FNFOREX. FNFOREX LTD a team of professional and successful traders with more than 6 years experience trading on the foreign exchange market.
Presently, I Managing funds at , Forex coach for 3 years now with over 300+ ☆☆☆☆☆ reviews on

I am the author of the book “Naked” Forex strategy and many other short PDFs on forex trading. We scan the markets 24/7 every single day. We decided to build our company to help retail forex traders profit consistently every month using our expertise.

We All Need Help to Realize What We Want Most.

Why Choose Us



What do we get in VIP Channel?

In the VIP channel you will get

🔸5-7 Premium signals everyday.
🔸Daily Analysis
🔸News Updates
🔸One on One Consultancy
🔸Help with Money Management
🔸85% Accuracy Rate

All you need is your trading account on any broker of your choice funded and ready to copy our profitable signals daily and make profits like a professional trader




Are your dreams to become a full time trader?
Are you new to trading and want to master the concept of trading from a beginner till you become profitable trading on your own?
Are you that trader who only loses money to the market and wanting to quite?
Look no further, FNFOREX FULL TIME MENTORSHIP is the solution.
Fnforex full time mentorship is a one on one mentorship with me via live zoom sessions where personally teach you the concept of trading from beginners course till you become profitable trading on your own.
My mentorship program runs for 3 months and come with
☆ minimum of 3 live sessions with me weekly ” I schedule classes with accordance to your free time”

☆Full time assess to our vip signal channel

☆Access to all are trading tools which we use to get good entries in the market

☆Guide and help on how to get funded big equity with any prop firm if your choice

☆Continues support all throw your trading career. ONCE A MENTOR, ALWAYS A MENTOR.

6 years back when i started trading i though i could make it using free content online but i discovered i was just feeding my self with irrelevant materials. Get a mentor today and grab the key concept within a short period of time and become profitable.




Only one-time payment and use this EA to gain profits forever

Purchase Includes:

🔸Unlimited License for Demo and Live account
🔸Instruction Manual
🔸Setup Video
🔸Recommend Risk and Lot Size
🔸24/7 Support

🔸Min $500 Balance
🔸Mt4 Software
🔸Any Broker (Leverage 1:500 or more)
🔸Standard Account
🔸Microsoft Windows

♨️Purchase our EA and enjoy consistent, low risk and awesome profits every month💪




👉Minimum equity $2000

🔸Best managements
🔸Good profits
🔸Safe trading
🔸50% minimum return in week
🔸profit Share 50/50 weekly

🔸Our requirements are
🔸Standard account type
🔸 Any Brokers can except

🎯 Login Number
🎯 Server name
🎯 Password

With our account management services, you just need to fund your trading account and we will trade your account professional and profits will be shared.




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What Clients Are Saying

“So Ive traded before but that doesnt even matter. I made profit already and it hasnt even been 24 hours! I have a mac so it was a little tricky to setup but I am willing to help anyone set up mt4 on their mac for free...after that I highly recommend you buy this!”

Username: realatlmel. USA

“Been looking forward to buying this service for a very long time. Seller did not disappoint; near instantaneous delivery and easy to follow manual. Thank you fofungnelvis! I'm going to try it come monday november 15, y'all hit me up in a few months if you want to know how it pans out!”

Username: Julia Michele. Sweden

"I must say, this seller has me very excited about the results! In just a few hours I have had more profits than I’ve gotten before (being new to forex & trying to teach myself the game). I definitely recommend trying this EA if you want to get involved in forex but maybe don’t have the time, resources, or experience to be successful on your own!"

Username: monea8030. USA

"Amazing seller who delivers as promised. Thank you for your services I can definitely recommend him to anyone."

Username: Oliver Goodman. Australia


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